Intro to us and what we are about.

So this is my first time at this. I mean I have a journal and all but I don’t usually share that with the universe. A, because I don’t think to many people (unless you have special needs children) would understand and B, because I get worried I am the only one feeling the way I do sometimes. You have to understand I don’t know anyone with special needs kids. My kids go to a regular high school, (I hate) and they are in special needs classes. I don’t interact with the other kids’ parents. I am so not a social butter fly.

OK so a little about us. I am a single mother. I am currently trying to get ssi because my health is not so good. I got into a bad car accident and have never recovered. I was married to my oldest daughters father but that didn’t work out.  He has not seen his daughter since she was one. He tried to a few times but I didn’t think it was a good idea since you never knew when he would get tired of playing dad and leave and I couldn’t put her through that. You know the, “where’s daddy? I don’t know. When is he coming back? I don’t know.” For a brief period of time I was living or should I say my youngest daughters father was living with us but that didn’t work either. He was more of a,” I want 3 or 4 girl friends.” type and I was more the, what! get out! type.

My oldest daughters name is Angelica and she is 18 with the mind or the thought process of an 8 year old. She is in special classes at her high school with about 6 other students like her. They are called high functioning mr. (mentally retarded) She can read and write and she can process a bunch of things at once, but socially she gets lost.  Picture an 18 year old carrying around a stuffed Elmo EVERYWHERE. Angel was diagnosed with aspbergers         syndrome. So sometimes she is 18 and sometimes she is 8 and you never know what your going to get from minute to minute as you will see.

Amber her sister, is 15 going on 6 has absenth seizures and she is lower functioning mr. she is a one task child which means she can’t only process one thing at a time. I.e hang up your coat,or put your play shoes on. If I tried to give her more than one command something would get lost and one thing would get done and the others would never happen. She can’t read and can only mimic write,(she can copy things but not wrote them on her own. I.e write your name.)They are both adhd (attention deficit hyperactive disorder). Which just adds to the fun(used lightly) of day to day life.

So that in a nutshell is us. Hopefully you will stop by and visit, comment or just read and try and understand a little about what its like for us as a special needs family. Maybe you will also take with you some real life usage about dealing with a person or family with special needs.


About amiandtatasmom

Single mom with 2 special needs children just trying to not let the universe kick my ass and raise them at the same time. It doesn't always work but we survive....sometimes.
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