Tuesday is so much closer to Saturday than Monday

Ok so yesterday was Monday and I was already feeling stressed.My dad is always saying that I don’t have anything to be stressed about,but I do. There are tons of things to be stressed about. There’s the girls and there school, I have to convince Angel to go even when there are bullies about. Then there’s this house we are trying to buy, what if we don’t get it? It’s the only house we have seen so far that we can afford and it fits what we need. It’s a four bedroom, with a kitchen, living room and a dinning room. It has two bathrooms, one up stairs and one downstairs. The best thing about it is that there are two bedrooms downstairs so that means that I can have my bedroom downstairs. It has four bedrooms so that means when I want my ma to come visit she can have her own room. I like the fact that I might actually get my own little piece of home. A place where I can put pictures on the walls and have it my way. My paint colors, my kitchen, my room. I can be as ocd as I want and make it super hospital clean.



About amiandtatasmom

Single mom with 2 special needs children just trying to not let the universe kick my ass and raise them at the same time. It doesn't always work but we survive....sometimes.
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